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Mt Mable Angus
Kevin & Megan Friel - 625 Jackson Road, R.D.1, Woodville 4997 - Phone: (06) 376 4543
The home of quality cattle bred for what is REALLY important ..........
constitution, fertility, longevity, actual carcase -
think you cannot have it all ........time to think again.
all while being a pleasure to handle –
Kevin & Megan Friel
PH: (06) 376 4543
625 Jackson Road, R.D. 1, Woodville 4997
625 Jackson Road, R.D.1, Woodville 4997 - Phone: (06) 376 4543
Kevin & Megan Friel
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An important message from Mt Mable Angus.
“We do not send unsolicited messages to others who are unknown to us ................. ever”


2017 sale a huge success

"Thank you so much to all our underbidders and successful buyers. 41/41 bulls sold under the hammer for $10,060.  32 out of the 41 bulls to repeat buyers.  We really appreciate our long term buyer support with several families now into their second generation.  Welcome to our new buyers – we hope you will become our long term buyers too.

There were no buyer credits on the bench – on the very rare occasion that we have to “put it right” we prefer to give a cheque so the unhappy buyer is not obliged to return if they do not wish to do so.”

Under the photos of the catalogue that you have can you add these details:
Lot 1 – $16,000 Tokirima second generation, buyers since 1990
Lot 2 – $14,000 Wairoa station country repeat buyer
Lot 3 – $14,000 Wairoa station country repeat buyer
Lot 4 – $13,000 Gisborne station country repeat buyer
Lot 5 – $19,000 Rangatira Stud repeat buyer
Lot 6 – $12,500 Tokirima second generation buyers
Lot 7 – $15,000 Central Plateau cold country repeat buyer
Lot 9 – $11,000 Local repeat buyer
Lot 10 – Sadly injured and withdrawn
Lot 11 – $13,500 Wairoa station country repeat buyer
Lot 16 – $ 7,500 Gisborne – new buyer
Lot 21 – $8,500 Local repeat buyer
Lot 23 – $11,000 Okaka Stud
Lot 24 – $12,000 CHB repeat buyer
Lot 25 – $9,000 Northland repeat buyer
Lot 27 – $10,000 Hawkes Bay repeat buyer
Lot 29 – $8,500 Wairoa new buyer

Mt Mable Angus Stud was established at Ohura in 1967 by Allen and Maisie Friel, with the majority of foundation stock acquired from the renowned Puketutu Stud. Kevin and Megan took over the stud in 1997. The stud was moved to Pukerimu Station in 2008.

Mt Mable cattle have been tested on steep, wet King Country hills for over 40 years. The selection pressure of the higher altitudes of Pukerimu and extreme winter climate have ensured that Mt Mable Cattle will shift to all environments and continue to excel. Only those heifers that have proven themselves and have the attributes which we are looking for are introduced into the herd. The cow herd is rigorously culled on performance and conformation. All cows are expected to rear an exceptional calf, get back in calf and return to good condition every year – no exceptions. Kevin and Megan ran the 2200 acre Pukerimu Station by themselves with only casual and occasional part time help – with a health scare affecting Megan in 2015 and our reaching our 50’s a decision was made to downsize the farming operation and sell the sheep flock – this was done reluctantly as the romdale sheep flock was a result of 50 years careful breeding. In 2016 the cow herd and the family moved to a 650 acre property south of Dannevirke in the Kumeroa farming district.  The property has a good mix of hill country for the cows and good flats where the bulls can be brought on slowly, and naturally on grass and hay/silage only as has been our practise for the last 20 years or more.

Our sire selection has always been careful and considered and we have resisted “boosting” our EBV’s (Estimated Breeding Values) through using fashionable and highly figured animals, especially where the figures appear to be their only redeeming feature. We believe in breeding cattle based on lines of pedigree and years of family performance rather than the recent trend of breeding “paint by number” cattle. In our view there is a real risk that the current "ideal" numbers are not suitable for any farming system other than intensive "feed lot" type finishing which is contrary to the requirements of hill country New Zealand type cattle. We continually assess our own, and other breeders' programmes, and cattle, to validate our position with regard to this. With evidence of poor feet, temperaments and constitution becoming more and more apparent in “performance” lines of cattle we are happy with our choices not to proceed down that path.

Sales have been held on our own property annually since 1986.

The power of the Mt Mable Angus gene pool – an actual view

“100% of steers sent accepted in EQ Master grade in 2016. 7 out of 8 steers in 2015. The national average is 29%”

 The Power of the NZ Gene pool – a proven experts view   

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625 Jackson Road, R.R. 1,
Woodville 4997
Kevin & Megan Friel
Phone: (06) 376 4543
Mobile: Megan 027 625 8526
Kevin 027 667 7795

"What Mt Mable is all about"
High quality cattle that have longevity and produce a calf every year. Click on the photo below to view a larger photo of Mt Mable 967 with her 12th calf a bull (Mt Mable 865 - was born 1/9/12)

Mt Mable mustering video
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